Champion’s Choice is the largest volume supplier of high performance uniforms, footwear and practice gear for men and women. We are an equal brand distributor of adidas, Under Armour and New Balance. 


.Long-standing relationships with the world’s leading athletic wear brands enable us to deliver the pricing, quality and product availability you need to be competitive.

  • Savings – Most aggressive pricing in the industry.
  • Quality and performance commitment – We deliver the right products on time, every time
  • Replacement stock certainty – You’ll know the production end dates when you place your order.
  • Uniforms and practice wear designed exclusively for female athletes – At a Champion’s Choice institution, you won’t find female athletes clad in down-sized men’s gear; adidas and Champion are committed to suiting the unique fit and performance requirements of male and female athletes.


Champion’s Choice is a adidas Three Stripe Dealer and we are the largest adidas team dealer in the US.


adidas is the exclusive uniform provider for the NBA, MLS, and the NCAA Basketball Champions; both men’s and women’s 2008 NCAA Basketball Champions were adidas teams. Our relationship with adidas enables us to bring you high quality apparel and accessories for male and female athletes and deliver it to you with our signature service and support. The wide selection of competition and training gear from adidas covers all sports. And it’s all designed to suit the unique fit and performance requirements of men and women.

adidas is the brand of choice for major college programs like University of Michigan,  Tennessee, UCLA, Louisville, Nebraska, Texas AM and Indiana. Champion’s Choice will make it easy for you to get the adidas product you want—presorted, packaged and delivered to your equipment room.

Want the best service along with the best brands in the industry?

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